Easter Bunny Event


Easter Bunny Event


This listing is for the Easter Bunny event on March 17th. Please make sure you fill out the form in full. I will email you back to confirm the time I have you all set for! Please read all the info below. It is the same info from the FB event page so if you already read it you can skip to the bottom because there is a discount for a future session available!

Are you tired of fighting the lines at the mall? Tired of only getting 30 seconds with the Easter Bunny? Well look no further because It is that time again! The Easter Bunny is coming back to Foxy Photography.

It is going to be a little bit different this year as I don't have the HUGE space I had last year. This will be at a residential adddress in the Southwest part of town near Sunset and 215. You will only get the address once you purchase your ticket.

The event is from 10am-2pm. Possibly longer if these 4 hours fully book up.

The time spots will be 30 minutes and I will only be booking 6-8 families per time. This is to help move things along a little faster for those who have little babies or older kids because it doesn't take you the whole hour. If you have a toddler who is afraid and you need more time to sit and get ready for your picture, that is ok, I'm not going to make you leave without a picture! 

There will be coloring pages to keep kids busy and maybe some other activity as well. 

It is $35 per immediate family. This will include 1-3 pictures with a full print release. The amount of pictures will depend on the cooperation of the kiddos.

IMPORTANT!! Please do not be upset if your child will not sit happily on the bunny's lap. Every year there are always 2-3 kids no matter how long we try to get them to be happy they will NOT be happy about this. Those crying pictures you will laugh about later, trust me! We started doing these events because my daughter was terrified and just wanted a little bit of time to warm up to him and when we went to the mall, you'd get 60 seconds and that was it! This way, they are able to sit and chat a little or observe from far away for awhile to realize that he isn't scary at all! 

There will be no refunds on this event. Once you pay, you are locked in. If you are unable to attend, you can sell/gift your ticket to someone else. If you do have someone else coming in your place, you need to let me know ahead of time so I can put them on the list. 

The picture shown is not the backdrop for this year, this was last year's backdrop. Every year it is a little different. I haven't figured out what it will be yet, but you can be sure that there will be easter colors! I will show the backdrop as soon as I have it! ALSO!! If you come to the Easter Bunny event AND book a mini session you will get $35 off the mini session, so basically, you get the Easter Bunny pics for free :D Be on the lookout for info on the mini sessions coming soon!

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