I like to do maternity sessions between 32-36 weeks. You don't want to wait too long because you will probably be miserable and there is always a risk of the baby arriving early. Maternity sessions can be in studio or at a locations of your choosing. I like to make each session custom to you so bring whatever you would like to incorporate. I have maternity gowns that can be used as well so if you want is to bring a bra and panties, then I have you covered with everything else! 


Nothing! Unless you want to! I have over 15 gorgeous gowns from TAOPAN and Sew Trendy Accessories, as well as a lot of beautiful fabric to drape and wrap you. All you need to bring is your underwear and a strapless bra if you have it! A nude pair and a black pair is recommended but we can work with anything!

When are Newborn sessions done?

I like to do newborn sessions before the baby is 12 days old. I know that isn't always possible because some babies have to spend extra time in the hospital but if you have a healthy baby and are able to bring him in before 12 days, it will help your session go smoother. The reason why I request them at such a young as is because they are usually sleeping 20-22 hours a day for the first two weeks. They are also very malleable and I can pose them in the cute little poses you see above. I will take older newborns! Please don't be upset you didn't book under the 12 day time frame, I will take care of you! You just have to know that not all older babies will stay asleep or pose like a freshly new baby. 

Baby hasn't arrived yet, how do I book my session?

You will book your due date with me! I book 3 due date per week so we can get all of the prep done prior to baby is born. I recommend you to contact me within 24 hours of baby being born so I can get you on the studio schedule! 

Do you have anyone you recommend for hair and makeup?

Yes! I have a handful of hair and makeup artists that come to the studio to get your ready! If you would rather get it done before you come to the studio I can give you some names and numbers of those who have salons that I trust.

Can I do a session with just my child outdoors?

Milestone  sessions can be done in studio or outdoors. Outdoor sessions are a lot of fun and allow your little ones to run around and be themselves. If you have young children outdoor sessions are suggested. I will travel anywhere for your family session so if you have a fun location in mind let me know! I put family and children sessions in the same category because I strongly believe that family pictures should be done each year but you can definitely do a session with just your child as well! Sessions are typically 30 minutes but can go as long as an hour and 15 minutes.

When do I pay?

To book your session, you need to pay the deposit. This works as your retainer to hold your spot on the day of the session. The remainder of the amount is due the day of the session.