Whoville Mingle - Dec 14th

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whoville mingle.jpg

Whoville Mingle - Dec 14th



It is that time again!! The 2nd Annual Whoville Mingle!

The Whoville Mingle is November 24th & December 14th and will include BOTH Santa and the Grinch. The price is per family. This is for immediate family members. If you have a group larger than 6 people coming you will need to reserve two spots. Last year a few groups brought over ten people per family and we had capacity issues.

This year the event will be at WADBOD Crossfit which is at 7830 W. Ann Rd., Suite 130.

If you haven’t joined us before this is how it works. For every hour timeframe there are 10 families there. It sounds like a lot but most do not stay the entire hour. There is an activity to do for the kids while they wait or while they are trying to warm up to Santa and Grinch. The whole hour they are able to go up and talk to him, sit on his lap and take their (and the family if you’d like) pictures. Sometimes it takes the entire hour for kids to warm up to the idea of pictures with him. Sometimes we still only get crying pictures because kids don’t always love it. I personally LOVE the screaming kid pictures and I’m sure my youngest will be one of those since she will be almost one. Santa will read a story as well during the hour! There will be two backdrops, one for Santa and one for Grinch and you will receive 7 digital images with a print release. If more images are taken, you will have the option to purchase more for $5 per image after you receive your gallery.

This is a non refundable event. If you purchase and are unable to attend you can gift or sell your spot to someone else. I just need to know ahead of time so I can get your replacement on my list. This is the 6th year we’ve done this (the first 4 years was just Santa) and it gets better and better every year. The backdrop is not the one pictured, I change them every year. Anything from fancy dresses to pajamas will look great!

Make sure you are paying for the correct time because once it is sold out, I can’t move anyone.

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