Composite work for fun

I have been doing composites from day one but it wasn't for safety at the beginning. My kids NEVER sat still together in a picture. I used to have to take a picture of my son Maverick and then take a picture of Georgia at the same angle and put them together. 90% of the images I have of them for the first year after Georgia could crawl is a composite. Unfortunately I've lost all of the digital images due to a software crash (that will be a blog post for another day) so I don't have of those to show you. I do however have others to share.

I also do composites for the safety aspect for newborn photography. I have seen so many photographers just starting out thinking you can really put a baby on a prop and then just walk away. I specialize putting babies in crazy positions and props but I always do it safely. Sometimes you have to be creative in the way you take the picture and then you spend a lot of time in Photoshop, and when I say a lot I mean it! Some of the images I have spent over an hour to make sure they are perfect.

Here is an example of a composite to get an image with all of the kids. These boys are cousins and the moms really wanted on picture of them all looking but they were one and that was next to impossible without the help of Photoshop.

The next series are all of my newborn images that I use extravagant props, and sometimes siblings as props. As you can see in the before pictures mom and my assistant are always close by!


The moral of the story is never compromise the safety of the baby to get the shot! If you Photoshop skills are up for doing a composite to do it safely then practice until you are able to!

Live Animals for photo sessions ~ Why I won't do it

Love yourself




If you are reading this then you probably already know I have launched a Boudoir Photography business, Foxy Boudoir. This is not a genre of photography that I would have ever guessed that I would enjoy so much. I always believed there was a stigma that goes along with boudoir and I personally had an idea in my head of what it was that was totally wrong, until I started doing it and then I really understood.

Boudoir Photography is not a "dirty" thing. It isn't something that should be embarrassing or something that people look down on. It is a BEAUTIFUL thing to do for yourself.

That's right, I said for YOURSELF. Not for your husband, your boyfriend or girlfriend do it for you, and then the product for your significant other is just a bonus. 

Yes, it is a very vulnerable position to put yourself in. You will be nearly nude, and sometime fully nude if you decide, in front of a complete stranger. I promise you though, within the first 20 minutes you will have completely relaxed and it will be the best time. It is completely empowering, and I truly feel that I can help you remember why you love yourself.

Each woman needs to love themselves even with the extra 15, 25, or however many extra pounds you think you have. Don't wait until you lose the weight because it may never happen. I have been trying to lose my extra 75 pounds for years but what happens? Life, life happens and before you know it it has been years of you saying that you will do it one day. Enjoy life now, be proud of you, be proud of what you have accomplished in your life and LOVE you. You will be amazed at what a difference this type of mindset will make.

Yes, we all have cellulite, we all have things about our bodies we would like to not see so the fix for that is Photoshop. I am very good at Photoshop and I spend many hours professionally enhancing each image. I will not however take off 50 pounds because then you are no longer you. I will smooth stretch marks and smooth skin, brighten your eyes, and even out skin tones but I won't change you because that defeats the purpose. I watched a video today that was perfect for this topic! You can find this video HERE.

I have been so inspired by all of these wonderful women who have done a session with me, it makes me want to do a session like this myself, and I will!

I have just announced my next Boudoir Session Marathon Weekend for April. Please think about doing this for you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!


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